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Holmdel, NJ (Estados Unidos)
De 201 a 500 empleados
Empresa - privada
Software y hardware de computadora
De $500 a $1000 millones (MXN) por año

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WorkWave CEO Marne Martin
Marne Martin
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    "Okay Company, but seems the Good Reviews are Inflated by HR"

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    Exempleado - Software Engineer en Holmdel, NJ (Estados Unidos)
    Exempleado - Software Engineer en Holmdel, NJ (Estados Unidos)
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    WorkWave is a good place to be for a little while, but not to stay. It is a comfortable place to be, but if you are looking to grow… go elsewhere. There are no clear career growth plans, or proper training for the engineers.

    - Free (Cheap) Lunches 4 days a week to keep you in the office
    - Flexible Working Hours, with work from home option. (Just make sure you look like your working really hard when you're there and you'll be good. )
    - Relaxed Dress Code (Although, its better to dress up. Perception of working hard matters more than you think.)
    - Nice Bell Works Building
    - Immediate 5% 401k Match


    There are hardworking people at WorkWave. Unfortunately, management is very poor. Management does not take the advice of employees seriously, pushes for quick features, and wants to micromanage. WorkWave was acquired by a global company and is pushing for aggressive road maps with short deadlines.

    This is a tech company, but it is not run as a tech company. It is run by business and sales/marketing people that do not know how to maintain and grow their software company properly. They need better technical management, and to better update and maintain their tech stack.

    - Hiring a lot of international cheap labor to support their software
    - Having hiring and retention issues. Not sure why they are firing people.
    - Starting to incorporate more micromanagement practices
    - No career growth or proper training for engineers
    - Management does not plan for future features properly, and priority changes frequently. (Priority changes so frequently, you question management and your motivation to complete these goals...)
    - Engineers are not given clear vision of desired features to develop
    - Software documentation is minimal, if any at all

    Recomendaciones para la dirección

    Make it so engineers want to stay. They are the ones building and creating your product after all. You need good engineers and a clean development process for a good software product.
    - Provide training for engineers
    - Provide better educational incentives to keep engineers up to date (Certificates, etc.)
    - Create clear career growth tracks for engineers
    - Promote personable managers...
    - Stop pushing the perception that the company is doing "so good". Its actually worrisome sometimes...

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Foto de WorkWave de Celebrating our big move to Bell Works
Foto de WorkWave de Our awesome staff at our European Headquarters
Foto de WorkWave de Some of our Talent team enjoying the 2016 company picnic!
Foto de WorkWave de Some of our WorkWave engineer team enjoying the 2016 Company picnic!
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Cómo obtuviste una entrevista





    Entrevista para Software Support

    Candidato de entrevista anónimo en Hazlet, NJ (Estados Unidos)
    Sin oferta
    Experiencia positiva
    Entrevista promedio


    Me postulé a través de otra fuente. El proceso me llevó 3 semanas. Acudí a una entrevista en WorkWave (Hazlet, NJ (Estados Unidos)) en diciembre 2018.


    I went to two career fairs, the first one I did not know it was a one on one on site interview. Knowing I was not qualified for the position, I spoke with my interviewer about the company itself and it’s values. (March 2018) I then attended their next fair which I was notified a few days prior that the position I was going to interview for was filled by an internal hire. I still went as there as it’s still a good networking opportunity. I continued to apply for a position and was contacted in October.

    First was a call with one of the members of the talent team to give you a brief discussion of the position and some background questions. You are sent a demo of the software you are going to assist customers with and then a phone interview discussing the software. Finally, In person interview with Vice President of Customer Service, the Manager of the department and other key members of leadership. A follow up email is sent within 48 hours after the interview.

    Everything went very well until the in person interview, I felt very confident going in but left disappointed. I know I made some mistakes so I do not blame them at all. I was actually fortunate enough to get some feedback about my resume with the VP which was very helpful.

    Overall, even though I was not selected, I still hold the company in high regards. It was definitely a great learning experience for me as I am a career changer. Finally, I was given a response promptly about not getting the position which many companies do not do that, so I respect that greatly.

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  • Best Places to Work in New Jersey, NJBiz, 2011
  • Best Places to Work NJ, NJ Biz, 2011
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