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Tucson, AZ (Estados Unidos)
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Empresa - privada
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    Exempleado - Regional Recruiter
    Exempleado - Regional Recruiter
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    Great coworkers, Great Clients, Flexible hours & Able to work from home.


    I worked here for over a year. At first everything was great. I was learning a lot and all of my coworkers were amazing. I got along well with everyone.

    Slowly I guess business decisions were made and everything went down hill VERY QUICKLY. Checks were constantly late, we were always afraid if we were going to get paid or not. Slowly over time, one owed check became two and then two became three.. He made a lot of promises and couldn't deliver and a lot of really good people were seriously in a lot of financial trouble because of him.

    DO NOT WORK WITH HIM, STAY AWAY. A lot of manipulation and lies..

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    Pay your employees and stop promising things that you can't deliver.

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