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Londres, Inglaterra (Reino Unido)
De 501 a 1000 empleados
Empresa - privada
Hoteles, moteles y centros turísticos
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Voyage Privé,, Expedia Group

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Cómo obtuviste una entrevista





    Entrevista para IOS Developer

    Candidato de entrevista anónimo en Berlín (Alemania)
    Sin oferta
    Experiencia negativa
    Entrevista promedio


    Me postulé en línea. El proceso me llevó 3 semanas. Acudí a una entrevista en Secret Escapes (Berlín (Alemania)) en febrero de 2020.


    I had an interview for iOS Developer position.

    First round was a voice call, HR / recruiter called: where in we talked about the role and about my profile.

    second round, Kind of technical round: Where in a mobile lead asked question purely technical and relevant to my profile and later asked me to share a screen for writing the live code challenge.

    Third round (lasts for more than 4 hours): This round is misleading, they invited me to the company office in berlin for pair programming. Which is not a pair programming but a torture, I had to share my screen with other developer sitting just opposite to me, where all my screen was recorded and viewed, 2nd lead developer was sitting next to me looking at my screen directly and at my notes i wrote while coding, I completed the challenge successfully. However it needed quality improvement.

    My evaluation is: While coding I was constantly interrupted and asked question, what is the difference between struct or class and other things as well, rather then allowing me to focus on the challenge, It was a mental torture for me, Firstly, two people sitting and monitoring and then asking question on general level and then not letting me do things MY WAY, they called it was supposed to be a pair programming session, but trust me it was not.

    the task was easy, sometimes one needs to relax and clam mind to approach a problem, given the fact different brains work differently.
     But i would be happy if for question you keep a separate session called technical interview and while pair programming round, keep the pair programming as paired and as friendly possible.

    You are not a Google that you would do things like this, Google makes it hard but they compensate it by paying amazingly well and they have reached to that epitome of excellence.

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  • Brand of the Year, Travolution Awards, 2018

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