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Laindon, Inglaterra (Reino Unido)
De 201 a 500 empleados
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    Empleado actual - Business Leader
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    Small enough that you can have decently meaningful impacts that shape how things are done while relatively young / junior compared to bigger name alternatives.

    Genuinely a leader in the PDM field, and acknowledged as such by other companies and industry bodies (always nice to hear!)

    Opportunities for travel, both regional and international - fun to see different teams and clients in their cultural contexts, good on the CV and you can usually add a few days for yourself.

    Very supportive and approachable team - both at practitioner and senior management level - if you want / need something and make a reasoned case for it, the chances are it will be approved or arrangements made. Minor queries are usually addressed in mins rather than hours.


    Things are run lean, so there's a lot of non-core work to plough through, all taking time.

    Pay and benefits are fair but not industry leading - a question of personal priorities against the pros above.

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    There were three rounds. The first round was an excel test that was fairly easy. The second round was an interview with someone in the UK that involved normal situational and behavioral questions. The final round was an assessment centre in Dearborn. This consisted of a presentation, a technical paper and interviews.

    Now to the issues. The HR team all sit in the UK and communicating with them is a tedious task due to the time difference. After speaking to other employees at the assessment centre I was informed that this was an issue for them as well. Additionally, I was told that the US wasn’t normally their region and that they were not fully aware of how things were done in the US. It’s strange that a company that has been in the US for a significant amount of time still has no one in the country to handle this process.

    Secondly, they ask you to come for the assessment centre from one coast of the US to the other all at your own cost! I have never had an experience where a company has asked me travel out of state for an interview and not offered to pay for the expenses. For a recent graduate looking for a job this is not easy to do. After much discussion, they asked me to book the flights and hotel stay and said that they would pay a certain percentage of those specific costs only, with a very low limit to go across the country! To add to this, I was always informed of an assessment centre just a week before they were held so finding affordably priced tickets and accommodation was always difficult.

    Now to the best part. Unfortunately, I agreed and ended up going for the assessment centre at Dearborn. The staff there were all very friendly and easy to get along with and the interview process was good. I wasn’t selected for the role (which is fine). However, since I have submitted the expenses, my emails have been ignored without so much as an acknowledgement that it has been received. I’ve sent my emails to two different people and have got no response. I’m unsure if I will even receive my reimbursement at this stage. To me this highlights a lack of professionalism and general courtesy as well as a general organizational culture that normalizes treating candidates in this manner.

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  • UK’s Leading Management Consultants (Automotive), Financial Times, 2020

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