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Londres, Inglaterra (Reino Unido)
De 201 a 500 empleados
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    Empleado actual - Manager
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    A place to develop, grow, and work with some exceptional people! A real collaborative enviornment (even in lockdown) with strong approachable leaders. An ambitious company with an amazing culture and a great working envionment.


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    A controlling interviewer who wasted an enormous amount of my time on a 3-stage interview and basically admitted that he's using the take-home assignment stage to harvest people's code and ideas, for which they don't receive a single penny. He seems to take satisfaction in making people dance and trying to "prove" that he is the better developer. Clearly the power has gone to his head.

    After a challenging first stage face-to-face interview I was given a complex Angular project with only a week to complete it. I was busy that week and ended up with just 3 days left to do it. I think that considering the limited time and circumstances I did a good job; however, it was very rushed so I wasn't sure it would pass.

    But it did pass and I was invited to the final stage for which I was asked to prepare a 20-minute presentation about a project I have worked on in the past. I spent the week preparing my slides which turned out to be almost a sidenote to the interview. Seemingly almost half the interview was spent going over my rushed code with a fine-toothed comb and kicking me around over a few things I admitted I would do differently if I had more time.

    Presumably they expect their candidates to drop everything and, for no pay, turn out production-quality code and a lesser work of art which they can crib from at their leisure.

    In future I am not going to do any interviews where I notice these controlling tendencies from the beginning. I recommend the same course to other people as well.

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