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Glasgow, Escocia (Reino Unido)
De 1001 a 5000 empleados
Empresa - pública
Contratación de personal y tercerización
Más de $10 000 millones (MXN) por año

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  • "Dream Job, Truly."

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    Empleado actual - Customer Experience en Houston, TX (Estados Unidos)
    Empleado actual - Customer Experience en Houston, TX (Estados Unidos)
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    This is a company that values people who work hard, and show results. Being committed to this company is being committed to an endless amount of opportunity. I am not on the sales floor, but in proving my value to the company they have given me so much. I'm forever grateful for this job. It's not a place that's going to hold your hand. It's a place that is going to give you all the tools you need to build a successful business, and then give you the independence to make that dream come true.


    I think that most sales companies have a lot of pressure on the sales floor, but that is the nature of sales. Generating income has a level of pressure to it. I think this is a job where you have to stick around for a bit to reap the rewards, so if you are looking for instant gratification, this isn't the job for you.

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    I think that in general, you have a wide array of expertise levels, and people who find success in different ways at the company. Yes, sales is duplicable, but I also think it's honing in on different strengths to make the dream team. Be open and flexible to people's working styles, and in giving your employees that trust it will become a self selecting process. Either the employee will stay or leave, but it's not your job to make them fit into your mold. I think that's the beauty of recruiting! It's the one industry where so many different types of people find it for different reasons and if the work is put in you are guaranteed success. So own that! And keep up the good work.

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    Entrevista para Contract Specialist

    Candidato de entrevista anónimo en Londres, Inglaterra (Reino Unido)
    Oferta rechazada
    Experiencia negativa
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    Me postulé a través de un reclutador. El proceso me llevó Más de 2 meses. Acudí a una entrevista en Progressive Recruitment (Londres, Inglaterra (Reino Unido)) en abril de 2019.


    I was contacted twice by this organisation by two different consultants for separate contract roles - after rushed telephone conversations both consultants said they had arranged interviews, but failed to provide any basic details of the roles. On the second occasion on the morning of the interview I was contacted by the contract manager who explained that the original consultant was out of office and he did provide basic details of the role via email. Minutes later a second email arrived from the original consultant - same basic role details but with different date and time for interview! After this I advised them that I no longer wished to be represented by their organisation.

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    • Nothing that demonstrated an even basic understanding of the roles they were promoting!   Responder pregunta
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