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IIX bridges the gap between finance and development, carving out third space for global social and environmental solutions by unlocking investment capital. As a pioneer of impact investing, we build pathways to connect the Wall Streets of the world with the backstreets of ...

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    Unprofessional. HR sent me the same essay questions twice during the selection process which made me wonder if the reason was that these guys dont share information or dont read the responses. Interviews were straightforward except that the hiring manager told me the job would involve more responsibilities that what they had advertised...okay. Overall, I met their requirements and they loved my profile, until we came to remuneration. Offer was only a minimum salary with no benefits (CPF and health insurance are legal requirements, not benefits). The best part was how one bigwig kept trying to convince me to take the paltry salary: as a non-profit they apparently cant offer a reasonable salary for the industry. When I didn't sound convinced by that argument, she told me that because I dont have a MBA, I was apparently being unreasonable to expect an industry standard salary (I have a law degree).

    I found the process very unprofessional and non-transparent. Employers should put out the salary range on their vacancy calls - it helps both sides to weed out uninterested candidates/ uninteresting companies already. Many NGOs do that already as best practice.
    AND if you can't afford a competitive salary, then don't proceed with the interview process once candidates have informed you about their salary history, instead of trying to convince them that they don't deserve it. Same goes for the MBA v non-MBA trope. If you only wanted to hire an MBA, then you should have said so clearly or rejected candidates outright, rather than going through the whole interview process, and later trying to convince people to sell themselves short.

    Even though the work sounded interesting, nothing about the way the process was conducted motivated me to continue, and so I pulled out; if even before joining them they want to pull you down...pfft, who needs an employer like that. If you interview with them, I recommend you to make them put down both the JD + salary package in writing, from an early stage in the process, otherwise you may waste your time.

    Tell us about your experience with impact investing...(the essay questions are the same as one of the other reviewers have listed).

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  • P4G State-of-the-Art Partnership Award of the Year: Overall AwardP4G2019
  • 2019 UN Global Climate Action Award by United Climate Change SecretariatUN Climate Change Secretariat2019

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