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Toronto, ON (Canadá)
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Empresa - privada
Software empresarial y soluciones de red
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    Working remotely for now (although not decided for how long). Health benefits package is the best I've ever had in terms of the dollar amount for services covered.


    It's non-stop stress and chaos. The entire company revolves around sales deals which are made with no regard (or care) for employee burnout and morale. The environment is very negative. Most have given up, and those who haven't yet are still new and eventually will. Meetings are depressing to attend. People isolate for their own mental health.

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Foto de FormHero de At Women's White Collar Boxing Event
Foto de FormHero de Rocking our different color sock in honor of World Down Syndrome Day
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Foto de FormHero de FormHero Team
Foto de FormHero de FormHero Team
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    Me postulé en línea. El proceso me llevó Más de 4 semanas. Acudí a una entrevista en FormHero en agosto de 2020.


    Worst and rude interview ever. I have been doing interview many times, but yet this one was the worst. Rude, ignorant, and unprofessional. Worst attitude ever on COO.

    Process was phone conversation with recruiter and follow up google meetup call with COO. COO did not like my answers and look down on me telling me good luck on your career. I was writing note on my pc and making clicking on my mouse and she told me to stop click mouse since it was making noise.

    You should be engaging with candidate with at least warm welcome although it's not right fit for your team. Before the conversation ended, she asked me to ask questions and when I asked few, answered with "I can't tell you that", "You should already know that answer", and "you are not a good fit". Don't waste your time here trying to interview.

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