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Markham, ON (Canadá)
Más de 10 000 empleados
Empresa - pública (EXE)
Bienes raíces
Más de $10 000 millones (MXN) por año

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    Exempleado - Therapeutic Specialist
    Exempleado - Therapeutic Specialist
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    Candidato de entrevista anónimo en Mayville, WI (Estados Unidos)
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    Me postulé en línea. El proceso me llevó 4 días. Acudí a una entrevista en Extendicare (Mayville, WI (Estados Unidos)) en junio de 2011.


    So a day after I applied online for a social work director's position a recruiter called me. He did a brief phone interview, asked me why I was interested in the position and about my current job experience. Nothing too difficult. Later that same day he called to schedule a time to do an in-person interview at the facility. He said that they would show me around and talk to me a little bit more about the position. I was ecstatic! When I went in for my in-person interview, I saw a middle aged women wheeling herself around outside in the parking lot. I chatted with her a bit, and then proceeded to go into the facility. There was no one at the front desk so I sat and waited a couple of minutes until the administrator finally came out, she wheeled an older lady right next to me (I knew this was a test), I tried to talk to her and asked her how she was doing, but she must not have heard me as she never answered. Not wanting to be pushy I left it at that. A few minutes later the administrator came back out. She asked me generic questions about my resume and was completely cold and rude to me. On my way out I heard her rip up my resume. I was devastated. On my way home I called the recruiter back and explained to him that it didn't go well and asked if there were any other open positions, he was surprised when I said that she seemed very "cold" and uninterested, so he actually called her and asked what had happened. Apparently according to the recruiter she had interviewed someone that morning and had basically decided to go with her instead. This would have been nice to know as I had driven for 2 hours to get there and wasted 4 hours of my time. I did notice later on that the job was still posted online, so I'm sure he was just trying to make me feel better about the whole situation. Either way I felt I was not given a real opportunity and their interview process seemed a bit unethical.

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